My story

Student meeting in library - Teamwork


I felt like I should start with a ‘How I Met Your Robot’ story. So I would like to mention my undergrad years in Bogazici. It was a kind of ordinary if you are a member of the group of my kind. I am one of those extroverts who likes to socialize, says ‘yes’ to every question involving joining a group or going out to have fun. While I was enrolled in mass courses like Calculus and Physics, which I wasn’t doing so well, I saw a poster on KB (square block in Bogazici University North Campus, it is literally square and like a maze), the poster was about IEEE club organizing ‘do line follower robot yourself‘ classes. I thought ‘why not’. I applied for those classes. I met an engineering student, Emre, who seemed to know what he was doing and I paired up with him. We bought PIC microcontrollers from Karakoy, started deciphering Assembly language, programming PIC with PICbasic and so on. We also bought a toycar and inserted our microcontroller and sensors into it. The things were so cool for me. I couldn’t even keep track of time while I was doing all these stuff.

After I finished robot project, I saw another poster in ETA building, which happens to used partially by computer science department and partially by education department. This poster was CS4HS @Bogazici. At the bottom of the poster, there was a barely visible line, it was ‘the participants will be given 50$ stipend.’ I didn’t know what stipend was and didn’t even bothered to look it up in the dictionary. I thought I had to give them 50$, but it was just a little setback I thoought. Again my mind was full of thought like; I could give it away and it would worth because this was going to teach me something I didn’t know. I was crazy about learning something new and I am still. That’s the only thing, the infinite curiosity inside me that I do not want to lose ever. Anyway, I attended CS4HS, it was a two-day long, intense workshop program and it meant to teach pre-service teachers Scratch programming language. It was a priceless experience. They even took us to lunch in a fancy place in which waiters were grinding black pepper directly from the mill on your plate. I was amazed, not only by the delicious food but also the content of the workshop was mesmerizing for me. Funny enough, it turned out that ‘stipend’ meant that I wasn’t supposed to buy but receive. Nobody can imagine the happiness I felt. I was learning something and I was getting paid. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long.

I guess I skipped to mention the part I was a member of COMPEC, IT club of Bogazici. I happened to be one of the writers of Click magazine. I was helping the board to find ads for the magazine, getting better with my photoshop skills to make better issues, more appealing.

I have worked with a computer engineer friend on developing robotics curriculum for elementary school students. We practiced demo classes in several private schools and educational institutions. We had hundreds of meetings with people who we thought possible investors. You know, they seemed to be but never going to invest anyway. It takes hundreds of hours to start reading people. Then, the things went not so good and I started working in a private school as a science teacher. Teaching experiences of mine will be another post I guess.

Long story short, as I met people as many as possible, the more I learnt, more possibilities I saw, new connectomes in my brain has been created. Join various groups, meet with people,  learn from them and let your world grow bigger and bigger.


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