On Engineering Education

3D printing design engineer

Engineering is a tricky term. English word for engineering has its origin from the word engine like in most european languages. The Latin language root is ingenium meaning cleverness. Moreover, in Persian the word muhandiz has been derived from handasa which means calculation.

But  this beginning is already too boring.

As one can see there are different attribuitions to this field, engineering requires not only dealing with engines or making calculations but also conducting research, design, invent, applying maths or using technology. These many facets also dominates the different fields of engineering, such as; mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical electronics engineering.

In last one or two decades we witnessed fusion of different disciplines or hyperspecialization and this led to recently popped engineering fields. Like aerospace engineering, nanotechnology engineering, biomechanical engineering, microelectronic engineering etc.

My question is that as a science teacher how I can keep up with this rapid change when I develop new STEM lesson plans?